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The No Frack Almanac is primarily put together by three people:

Editor & publisher Jeremy Weir Alderson, is a 63-year-old curmudgeon who wants the fight against fracking to be over so he can go back to his original ambition of becoming a rock star. He is also the founder of the Homelessness Marathon, an annual national radio broadcast focusing on homelessness and poverty in America (www.homelessnessmarathon.org).

Liz Alderson, Jeremy’s daughter, is a sous chef at a restaurant in Lodi, New York as well as the Almanac’s chief photographer and photo editor. Getting into photo journalism was her big idea, so she’s really the one to blame for all the work we do on the paper.

Torri Bennington is a long-time graphic designer with West Hill Graphics in Ithaca, New York (http://www.westhillgraphics.com). Jeremy and Liz like to think they’re pretty good at what they do, but really, it’s Torri who makes them look good.

Originally distributed just in central New York, the Almanac is now sought after in the neighboring states of Pennsylvania and Ohio, across the USA, and as far away as Tanzania and Australia.

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